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Softplay Playground Equipment

Soft play's playground equipment range includes a fun and exciting indoor equipment with strong emphasis on safety.

Where necessary, our softplay equipment is covered in strong protected vinyl, rubber flooring and foam padded playing equipment ensuring children are extremely safe whilst having fun and also learning.

This range comprises of small ground floor playing items up to large multi story playing arenas with a maze of padded protected obstacles, slides and climbers.

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Soft Play equipment 3015



SOFT 3015

Size: 2.92m long X 1.62m wide X 2.05 high



Soft Play equipment 3016



SOFT 3016

Size: 6M L X 6M W X 1.5M H



Soft Play equipment 3017



SOFT 3017

Size: 6M L X 2.5M W X 1.5M H




soft 3018 indoor play equipment toddlers



SOFT 3018

Size: 4M L X 5M W X 3M H



toddler playground 3019



SOFT 3019

Size: 7M L X 5M W X 1.5M H



Toddler pirate ship playground



SOFT 3020

Size: 12M L X 5M W X 3.5M H



indoor toddler race track



SOFT 3021

Size: 18M L X 9M W X 3.5M H




toddler safe play area



SOFT 3022

Size:4M L X 4M W





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