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Inflatable Jumping Castles & Slides

Huge inflatable slides & jumping castles, a perfect addition for indoor playgrounds

Our inflatables series are specially designed for maximum durability. All of our inflatable products are double stiched to ensure the full air pressure can be maintained. Carefully engineered products result in an even air flow throughout the entire space of the design along with powerful air blowers ensure the construction is evenly balanced for safety, strength and above all...FUN!

The inflatable series along with our indoor playgrounds are a perfect contrast to fill large play areas without blowing the budget. They are easily used, maintained, easily removed or relocated and have an exciting look of a large play structure for children of all ages.

We use only the best heavy duty vinyl resulting in a longer life and higher profitability. Please don't hesitate to contact us today to find out more about our inflatable jumping castles, big slides or any of our inflatables series.

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